Correlation server and report server is down

Dear Team,
I see that the correlation and report server is down and I am not able to query the logs showing server down
Pls, find the attached screenshot for reference.

Hey Snehan,

Can you please provide the server’s hardware specification for your deployment, also share the full-screen snippet of the notable events.

Please refer to the below link for troubleshooting the issues with the search.


The server is running in AWS and below are the configuration details
Node 1 (LC and CO) and Node 3 (AD)

Node 3 (DN)

All the nodes are in the minimum configuration as these are not for production.

Hey Snehan,

As per shared details, the datanode server does not meet the minimum hardware requirement. The minimum requirement for the datanode is 24 vCPUs.

Please find the below link for minimum requirements.


I’m agree with @Flash, I have also upgraded my cluster’s configuration, as I have faced the same issue earlier.

I have also installed this application on the AWS instance. Below are server’s specifications;

Server 1: Core Configuration: 16vcpu, 32 GB RAM, 150GB Disk
Server 2: Data Node Configuration: 32vcpu, 64 GB RAM, 500GB Disk
Server 3: Adapter Configuration: 8vcpu, 16 GB RAM, 200GB Disk


Will scale up the node and update you.

Hi Snehan,

I would suggest if you are scaling up the datanode, you must do a fresh installation by terminating old instances and re-creating all 3 with complete pre-requisites. This will save the time required for troubleshooting and you will get the error free cluster.

Please ensure that the following requirements are met


I have scaled up the data node and i am still receiving the error msg, PLs note i will not be able to do the installation again because this is in client ENV for POC.

Dear Team,
Any update on this issue this is now a blocker for me, pls help me on this issue.

I have scaled the data node to 32VCPU and 64GB RAM, and i am not able to query logs, pls let me on this as this is a major issue and i need to show POC Env and is in client environment, request you to pls help us ASAP.
I am able to see new error.

Hello Snehan,

You will require to reinstall all the components again by removing the installed components. Please re-create all the servers with minimum configuration and install the application.


PLs understand it is not easy to that as this server is in client location and i would like to know the solutions for this instead of doing a reinstallation

Hey buddy,

Can you please check the status of the Storage-Leader service on the core? If it is in a stopped state, please attempt to restart it.

Please check the End Time in the notable event and share the latest snippet.


I one or the other error is coming up, i dont know y is it, pls help me resolve this issue and help get query the logs.

Pls help me resolve this issue it is a blocker for me. i need to show some out put to client.

Hey Snehan,

I hope you have performed the steps mentioned in the below response.

If all the services are in running state(GREEN) on core, then restart the Compute-Leader service and then monitor the setup for some time.

Then check the End Time of the notable events and if the End Time is not incremental then try fetching the logs.


Hey flash,
I have restarted the service and I am still facing the same issue end time is incrementing.

I restarted the below service.

Hello Snehan,

Kindly get in touch with the business team for enterprise support.


Hello Flash,
As suggested by you I have done with the new setup with the minimum configuration mentioned,
Now I am still able to see errors and I am not able to query the log, pls let me know what has to be done.
I have also restarted compute-leader under CO.

Any update on this, waiting for your response =.

Hello Snehan,

Our business representative will contact you shortly.