Dashboard | Drill down from widgets?

Hey folks,

Can we do a drill down from a widget in dashboard? Something like context menu’s from V8?


Hi Loraine,
Thanks for joining the DNIF community and trying us out.
I believe you are interested in retrieving the logs that has caused the Dashboard to populate.

One every widget that appears on Dashboard, you cans see Book icon ‘Go to Workbook’ on the top right corner.
This takes you to the exact condition that was written in workbook for that widget.
Hit on the Execute button ( Yellow double arrow) to see the results on the console.
This not just gives you the logs to analyze but also shows the visualization too for quicker grasp.

Hope this helps !


Thanks @BodhiSaar for the quick response.

Actually, instead of looking at the queries of widget or its data, I was interested if we can pivot using a context query like in V8 if feasible?

Context query of V8 does not exist any more.