Data Security and Encryption

Hey Guys,

I have gone through your product documentation and found some interesting stuff, although I have one query which is very important with respect to security standpoint.

If I have my DNIF instances placed on the AWS and on-prem PICO, then my data forwarding will be over the internet, as I have to assign an elastic IP for the Adatpter instance.

So, my question here is, what security measures are there in place to secure my data and how data flows from PICO to Adapter? Is there any encryption method or TLS?


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Hey Charlie,

The logs are compressed and encrypted while using Native Forwarder in PICO and then sent to Adapter.

The log shipping from the on-prem PICO instance to the remote Adapter(over an internet route) happens securely by encrypting the data packet using TLS 1.2.