Datanode Services Down

Hi Team,

Our data node storage service is down since yesterday. Tried restarting it many times but its not getting restarted.

Also went through the troubleshooting steps given in the link below but the issue is not resolved.


Due to this, we are receiving the errors below.

Please assist.

Hello Sourav

Please review the Minimum Requirements - Solution Design and Before You Begin - Getting Started guide.


Hello Luffy,

We do meet the minimum requirement and we do comply with all the given information from Before You Begin - Getting Started.

Below are our Server Specifications.

DNIF Core & Console 8 16 GB 430 GB
DNIF Datanode 24 48 GB 430 GB
DNIF Adapter 8 16 GB 320 GB

Datanode was working fine before and it is down since 21st July.


Hello Sourav,

Can you share the below screenshots to understand the overall problem statement,(do not crop the snippet, as the full-screen screenshot helps us to understand the problem properly).

  1. Notable events
  2. Manage components graph
  3. Each components graph
  4. All components services status
  5. Last log received screenshot
  6. Version details (It’s visible at the bottom of the login screen.)
  7. Login to the Core and Datanode. Execute the below command and share the screenshot.
    a) ping <Datanode-hostname>
    b) ping <Adapter-hostname>
    c) ping <Core-hostname>