DNIF - Cybersecurity

Just had a visit through the page and felt interesting. Want to know more about the same.
Here are my some of the queries that am eager to know with.

How does DNIF connect cybersecurity?
How is DNIF competitively higher than other SIEM platforms.


Hey - yes DNIF is native to cybersecurity, you can use DNIF like a SIEM (most of us do). However it should not be difficult to use DNIF as a generic datalake, you can use a standard schema to store data in the database and then query using DQL.

Is it competitively better than other SIEM providers ?? may be depends upon your role, if you are an everyday user of the SIEM and are hands on looking for threats DNIF may fit you well. As a user DNIF is extremely fast, and therefore looking for specific events is great. DQL becomes second nature after the initial few days. You may miss the workflow in the SIEM that you may be used to. But for the practitioner this might be the right tool.

personal experience here, so I don’t intend to get into an argument or disagreements here.