DNIF V9 License Validation Error

We are facing License validation issue, we have already used the license before and averything was working fine on LC but due to some issue we have restarted DNIF now it was asking us to again validate everything and we stuck on validation page as it is not working, please find snap shot for your reference,!image

Hope to resolved as soon as possible.

Hi Kcrazy_pirates,
Could you elaborate the issue that pushed you to restart DNIF?
The system doesn’t normally reset in this manner on host or container restarts.
Any additional context might help us figure this out.


Thanks Nikhil for reply,

we have our mount point set to some different location which lead us to install core in different location and further discover system disk utilization hence, we stop and do require changes then start to lead us to this issue, so can you please help us to resolve this issue.

if possible please send us new license for validation.