Firewall logs going into OTHER stream

Hi Viral/ Aniket / Mukesh

Network team has troubleshooted the issue and now they are able to forward the logs on the Adapter.

Plz find the below screenshot from the Collection status.

Issue is that all the firewall logs are falling into OTHER streams. So unable to get the proper complete logs.

Need your quick support to resolve this issue.


Thank you for sharing the snapshots.
Request you to follow the document Validating Extraction

If the issue persists, please raise a ticket with all the evidence.

Hey - Good chance the format in which you are forwarding the events from your firewall does not match with what is required by the extractor - please have a look a the integration manuals in the docs portal for this firewall.

Firewalls support multiple formats viz syslog, cef, leef and the extractor is built with support for one amongst these, so there is a good chance there is a mismatch. The right config will be available at in the documentation.