First Time UI Failure and Not able to connect with Core

I am getting connection errors after doing dnif installation and also “First Time UI Failure” error I am attaching my docker-compose logs here please go through it and guide me for a smooth and stable installation process. I am installing all 4 components on a single ubuntu 20.4 VM and my system meets the minimum configuration.
I have reinstalled python and docker also but it didn’t fix the error
Please see this file for error logs.

DNIF docker-compose Logs

please help me, please I have wasted my 1 week but am not been able to figure out what’s going wrong.
If anyone needs to connect please mail me at

Hey buddy!
I think as per the prerequisites mentioned you’ll require separate VM’s for every component except the console component as it can be deployed on the same VM on which the core is been deployed. You can find the prerequisites in the below link.
Before You Begin - Getting Started

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@Luffy Thanks for your suggestion. Now I have installed it on 3 VM’s but still I am not able to connect the console with the core

You can deploy the console component on the same server on which the core component is deployed.