How to add AD on component list


Accidentally, i deleted the adapter node from my console , when its component status shown unknown , how can i add AD back to the list.

EPS count is showing now, attached the image of manage component please go through it.

Can anyone help me to solve this issue.

Thank You

Hey Drizzl,

This is something interesting, as without onboarding the Adapter from the DNIF console(Activation), the EPS graph will not show any values.

I think you have done a reinstallation on the same Adapter node without flushing the old data. I would suggest you to clean the server and reinstall the Adapter.

Please follow below simple steps;

  1. Go to the “/DNIF” directory and stop the running docker container on the Adapter.
  2. Remove all the files present in that directory.
  3. Run the installation command present in the link:
  4. Insert CORE-IP when prompted on the screen.
  5. Onboard the Adapter component from the DNIF console.

Check the Adapter health status and services.