Integration of Network Traffic Analyzer with DNIF


We are trying to integrate the Network Traffic Analyzer with our DNIF Deployment.
Referred to this link: Network Traffic Analysis - Supported Connectors need further help on this.

Kindly support.

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Mohammed Abrar KB

Hi @Abrar - It’s difficult to understand the scenario and triage, without any supporting error or troubleshooting screenshots.

To understand better, could you share the following for better analysis:

  1. Notable events observed.
  2. Request/response headers post saving the configuration via browser dev tools.

Hi @Blackbird2Raven,
We are integrating PRTG with the DNIF, in NTA connector document there are no additional details available for the NTA products which can be integrated with DNIF.

What will be the configurations to be done on the NTA side?
No notable events are observed.

Also, can you help me with the parameters: Interface to Monitor and Hosts to Filter.

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Hey @Abrar,

I think PTRG has a native Syslog capability to forward logs to SIEM or any Syslog server, you don’t need to send data over an NTA connector. You can directly integrate your PTRG device logs using the Syslog.

Below is the link for your reference.
[Syslog analyzer PRTG - Log messages at a glance!]


thanks for the response, in the shared link the information is regarding how the PRTG Syslog sensor can be used to analyze the Logs coming from the different devices to PRTG.

Could not find details on how we can forward the logs from PRTG to any server using Syslog protocol.