Multi Tenant in DNIF


Wanted to know how multi-tenant (clients) works in DNIF and what all the components should be deployed on the Remote Clients premises to collect the logs and store the logs in remote premises.

Can we work with a single console with multi remote organizations?
and also same rules can be applied for all the clusters?

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Mohammed Abrar KB

Hey @Abrar - Yes, you can.

Checkout- Mission Control and Solution Design articles on the DNIF Documentation portal.


Hello Abrar,

DNIF supports multi-tenant setups and all can be managed within the same cluster, please visit the below links for more information;

Mission Control
Solution Design

In addition to this, we have a PICO component, which can be deployed on the client location to collect the logs and forward them securely to the Adapter component. Please read the below threads for more information;

Please visit the below link to get the information about the User management.


Hello Flash,

Thanks for the information.