Not able to configure SMTP server

Dear Team,

I am getting “unable to configure SMTP server” while saving the settings.


Hello Snehan,

Below are the links with SMTP configuration steps that will help you understand the fields mentioned in the configuration.

Configure SMTP

Also, check the connectivity between the DNIF components and the SMTP server.
Before you begin


I’m having the same issue, no matter what I enter in the fields, the error “unable to configure SMTP” is displayed. From the server, I am able to telnet to the SMTP host without issues.
Also; It seems that a “non @ username” is not allowed in the configuration? When using SendGrid, the username is always apiuser, without a trailing suffix. Currently using a other SMTP server to test with, but Sendgrid is preferred for us

Hey @thomasJ and @snehan

Checkout the helper script here → SMTP Config check - hope this helps you to verify your configs.