Not able to create the new Scope in Community edition v9


I want to install the PICO connector on the remote site and add new Scope for the Remote PICO connector in my DNIF environment.
is it possible to create the multiple cluster/scope in one Console, Datanode, Core, and Adapter environment? or we have to install whole new AD,DN and Core for new cluster/scope.

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Hey Abrar,

Please refer to the below thread to get clarification about the raised concern.

In addition to this, you cannot map the same Adapter to two different scopes, you have to spawn a new adapter for each scope.


Hello Flash,

Thanks for the update.
So to have the new scope for the remote client, i need to deploy the AD, DN and Core on client location and create new cluster/scope?
with PICO connector will i be able to achieve multi tenancy?


Hello Abrar,

As suggested earlier, you can create a new scope for the remote client on the same cluster. Just you have to onboard a new Adapter for that scope, as you cannot map the existing Adapter to the new scope. Please find the below sequence of events that have to be followed;

  1. Add new scope in the cluster

Mission Control - Operations

  1. Onboard a new Adapter in the cluster which has to be mapped with a newly added scope while activating from the console.

Onboarding Components - Installation

  1. Onboard client location PICO with completion of all the hardware and network pre-requisites.

Before You Begin - Getting Started

PICO - Getting Data into DNIF


Hello Flash,

Thanks for the information, we are doing the installation, will update the status.