Not able to see Office 365 Logs and azure AD Logs

Dear Team,

I have configured the office 365 connecter and I am not able to see any logs of office 365. pls let me know how to check if we are receiving any logs.

Follow O365 troubleshooting link below

I have made the configuration how can check if the logs are coming in.

On the dnif v9 console go to manage systems and under that you’ll find the collection status. This is where you’ll find the active & inactive incoming logs. For reference watch this video: Active log sources - YouTube

i dont see in collection status, any changes needed to be done.

Hello ,
Please verify if the connector is active or not in the manage component tab → Concerned Adapter → Conector
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Kindly check for errors in O-365 logs on the adapter server within the path /DNIF/AD/log/.log