REGEX Searches?

Dear Community,

Will regex search still work in V9? I have few DQL queries written in Regex in v8 version, hence wondering if compatibility exists so we can plan migration in future.

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Dear Team,
Is it supported? Any help would be really appreciable.

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Hi Mashashi,
Regex search works in V9. DNIF Query Language (DQL) is part of V9 too. Hence all features of DQL will continue to work, including text pattern matching using wildcard and regex.
However, we suggest you also try SQL which has been introduced exclusively in V9, where pattern matching is more performance efficient as opposed to regex matching.


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HI Team,

  1. Can we use general tokens regex(\w,\d,\s etc.) in fetch query?
  2. Observed, regex case insensitive is not working as desired. i have verified data where field have data “xyzServer xyz”. where regex(.Server.)i matches the data but regex(.server.)i doesn’t match.
  3. while using regex expression in query i cant use ‘IN’ operator.
    Please help me in resolving above queries.

Dear RahulkumarC,
Thanks for trying V9. Really appreciate your question on the forum. If I understand your question correctly, then here is what we want you to consider -

  1. We cannot use them in fetch but can use them in checkif directive queries.

  2. Instead of using regex(. Server. )i, try using regex((?i). server. ) to make it case insensitive.

  3. Regex will not work with IN operator. It will only work if you specify values. Check this for reference _fetch - DNIF Query Language

V9 offers a very handy SQL block which lets you work with all standard functions and Operators in SQP. It will let you work with multiple keywords in a query.

Hope this helps!