Signal Notification over Email

How does my mailbox receive a notification each time the ‘Signal’ gets generated ?

We recommend either of the following:

  1. Use the API to build your own solution (Search API - API)

  2. Streamed Workbook on SIGNALS and then using Automation Plugin (like Webhook).

For the second option, an example, Click send can be used to notify Signals via email

Steps to integrate Clicksend with Webhook:


  • Click send Account
  • Email verified by Click send for email notification


Automation > Add Webhook


Modify payload according to your requirement:


"from": {

"name": "DNIF Signal",

"email_address_id": "<ID of verified email>"


"to": [


"name": "<Recipient>",

"email": "<emailid>"



"name": "<recipient2>",

"email": "<Email id>"



"body": "DNIF Alert $DetectionName",

"subject":"DNIF SIGNAL - $DetectionName"


Create a Streamed workbook to detect signals and trigger the Webhook

Here is how your inbox would look like:

And this is how one can receive email notification when DNIF raises signal.