SMTP credential error

Pls, find the below screenshot I am getting the below error configuring DNIF.

hi Snehan -

This thread had a similar issue, might help - Not able to configure SMTP server


ps - this document should be helpful

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Credentials are correct, i am able to login in the site.

Hi Snehan,
In your case it is seen that you are using a Gmail SMTP server, Google sometimes does not let you login because it has flagged this sort of login as “less secure”, so what you need to do is go to this link while you’re logged in to your Google account, and allow the access:

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I have already made that change and I trying this, pls let me know incase in need to make any other changes.

Hey Snehan,

I have faced the same issue while configuring the Gmail SMTP, but I’m able to do it by enabling the CAPTCHA for the Gmail account. Refer to the below URL to unlock the CAPTCHA.


I have made the change using this link, now i have an issue for email delivery failed, pls let me know what should be done now.
Attached screen shot for reference.

Hey Snehan,
I had faced the same issue while configuring the GMail SMTP,
I followed these two steps and was able to configure my smtp server:

  1. Allow access to less secure apps
  2. Enabling the captcha before clicking on the save SMTP config

Attaching my configuration settings image for reference