Status of DNIF Adapter Component is not becoming active

Dear Team,

We followed instructions provided in quick start guide to install DNIF components, and while setting up the cluster one component (Adapter) is in processing state and not coming to Active state.

I tried to re-install the adapter component while searching for available solutions in community forum, Even after also status of adapter is processing.

Can someone guide us on how to fix this.

Hey Savitha,

Found out you have installed the PICO and ADAPTER components on the same server, which is not advisable and will conflict with the port bindings.

I would suggest you to remove the PICO and current ADAPTER components from that server and reinstall only the ADAPTER component.

You can follow the below steps for the same;

  • Steps to remove files from AD.
  1. Login to the Adapter server.
  2. Stop the Adapter container.

$ cd /DNIF/AD/

$ docker-compose down

  1. Delete the AD folder.

$ cd /DNIF/
$ rm -r AD
$ rm -r backup

  1. Now delete the PICO files.

$ docker-compose down

$ cd /DNIF
$ rm -r PICO
$ rm -r backup

Once all the above steps are completed, reinstall the Adapter. The already onboarded Adapter and PICO component will change their state from Active to UNKNOWN in the next 7 days, post that you will be able to delete those from the DNIF console.


Hi @Flash,

I followed the steps to delete PICO and installed ADAPTER after which its status changed to ACTIVE.

Now when performing searches I get error as “WORKER DOWN”. I followed troubleshooting instruction of restarting CORE component service “Compute-Leader”.

Post restart of service also im getting same error “WORKER DOWN”.

Attaching snapshots for your reference.

Hi Savitha,

Can you please provide the server’s hardware specification for your deployment, as per the shared snapshot, we can see that Report, Correlation, and Query servers are down.

Please find the below link for minimum hardware requirements;

Please refer to the below link for troubleshooting the issues with the search.