Unable to Validate License Key


We are unable to validate the license key.
However, we are able to connect https://hog.dnif.it from the console and core component.
Could you please assist us to resolve this issue.

Hi there,

Thanks for validating connectivity for license valdiation. Will it be possible for you to provide a snapshot of the network activity between the browser and hog.dnif.it. This will help us validate breakpoints between the CORE and the license validation engine.

Here is a video to help you with the process of investigating network activity.

Waiting to hear from you -



Please find the network activity logs from our side and let us know if you want anything more from my side.

Thank you for sharing the screenshot, we will get back to you shortly.


Hi sjagtap,

Apologies for the rough start.
Our records incorrectly reflected your license key as used.
We have fixed it now and validated it ourselves.

Please give it another shot.


Hello Nikhil,

Thanks for your support. The issue has been resolved and we are now able to configure the instance.

Thanks and Regards,

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Thanks - Glad we could help.